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FMT – 3 (What is Arrow Syntax (Fat Arrow) and How To Use It?)

I had the opportunity to work with many different programming languages. However, I can say that the arrow syntax in Dart, which you can use while programming in Flutter, is a completely unique structure. Of course, there are some other shorthand expressions. But with the help of arrow syntax -it is also known as Fat […]

FMT – 2 (How to draw a horizontal line in Flutter?)

I need this horizontal line in almost all of my apps and it doesn’t change while developing apps with Flutter. Luckily, it is very easy to add this line in Flutter. Just copy and paste the following code to the appropriate place in your code. Even though the code is very simple and self-explanatory I […]

FMT – 1 (How to Import Existing Flutter Project in Android Studio?)

When I started learning Android programming about 8 years ago, I started writing short Android tutorials on basic topics. At that time, this series did not take too long, but I still remember that I enjoyed it while writing. Now, after 8 years, I decided to switch to cross-platform development for the first time, and […]

(C#) Sürükle Bırak Metodu ve Kullanımı

Bugün teslim ettiğimiz e-mail gönderme projesinde mesajlarla birlikte dosyaların da gönderilebiliyor olması gerekiyordu. Projede bu işlemi ToolStrip ve buton tıklayarak yaptık ancak bir çok programda kullanılan sürükle bırak(drag-drop) yönteminin de nasıl çalıştığını merak ediyordum. Aslında .NET ile bu işlem oldukça kolaylaşmış durumda.